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The digital side of logistics

The smart pallet,
for a company focused on changing the future

The MetaLogistics solution aims to develop a new concept of logistics, smart and secure: thanks to Blockchain technology, the goal is to allow all companies to monitor their commercial flows using the pallet and its tracking features. A unique solution of its kind, for a project that looks towards the future.

How it works

A pallet equipped with a device connected through 5G technology, which can be tracked at every stage of the supply chain.

A system to improve the reliability of the transport service reducing any waste of resources, enabling logistic operators to collaborate with enterprises.
  • IoT with 5G communication system
  • Two-way, on-demand communication
  • On-fly configurations and functional updates
  • On-board resident automatic unified diagnostics according to the ISO 14229 standard
  • Multilevel scalar software architecture according to ISO 19770 standard
  • Software architecture based on BlockChain infrastructure according to the ISO 22739 standard
  • Data security based on ISO 29100 standard and dedicated cryptographic co-processor
  • Optimization of energy consumption with dedicated processor

The device and its strengths

Why us?


We select eco-friendly materials and innovative design, while considering the "Europallet" standards


The devices use blockchain algorithms to guarantee a unique identification over the entire life cycle of the pallet, effectively eliminating the possibility of subtraction from improper exchange of the asset.


Greater control through a sensor system integrated into the pallety, capable of making it smart and connected.

Big data

A definite simplification in the data collection process, a useful aspect for companies to make strategic decisions in the context of the circular economy and in the use of material resources.

How to request

How it started

Effegi SpA was founded in 2001 and immediately positioned itself as a modern industrial reality integrated in the processes of manufacturing and managing pallets.
Being part of an Industrial Group operating in diversified sectors, Effegi SpA proposes itself to the market by offering a wide range of new and used products for logistics, pallet management and repair services, cable reels and special packaging.

Metalogistics is the natural evolution of Effegi SpA services: a look towards the future that provides an innovative and up to date, sustainable and measurable solution.

In the spirit of Effegi SpA .: a group focused towards tomorrow, the ideal partner for those operating in the future of logistics.

Technical Partner

Easyway Technology
Politecnico di Torino

Contact us

To learn more about MetaLogistics solutions, contact us through the form, an account manager will contact you to deepen all the needs of your company.

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